Winter Wind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Seasonal Winds 4
New Concepts Publishing
Fantasy Romance
Reviewed by Cassie



Horror writer Kai McDonough needs to get away.  Writer’s block plagues him, his agent is bugging him, and he had a bad breakup with his long-term girlfriend.  He decides to take a pack and go out into the wilderness for a while, hoping that will help him write again.  He finds a strange cave while hiking, and then five strange sisters find him…

Winter Wind had an interesting concept, and the atmosphere of the cave was beautifully described.  The appearance of the five sisters was described beautifully as well.  Unfortunately, despite the lovely descriptions and good writing, I didn’t enjoy this story.  Though the publisher described the story as fantasy romance, I didn’t find Winter Wind particularly romantic.  The sex scenes didn’t come across as romantic because neither the characters nor the back story were fleshed out, leaving me wondering about many things.  I never got to know or care about the characters.  The five sisters were supposed to be trying to “inspire” Kai, but the reason why was never really explained.  Perhaps the book would have benefited from a longer format.  The five sisters made reference to other men who were being “inspired” by the Seoid (muse-like beings including the five sisters), and those stories sounded more interesting than this one.  Unless you absolutely have to read every Wind story, pass this one by.


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