What Isabella Desires by Anne Mallory
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-124239-7
Reviewed by Annmarie



Lady Isabella Willoughby is tired of being proper and alone.  Isabella decides to take matters into her own hands and reach for what she desires.   What she desires is more of a ‘who’ rather than a ‘what’.  Isabella desires her very good friend, Marcus, Lord Roth. 

To make Marcus see her as more than a friend, Isabella lowers her neckline and begins to attend the ton’s scandalous after season parties.  Isabella wants to find herself in Marcus’ bed and Marcus’ heart.  For Marcus, all of him, is Isabella’s heart’s desire.

I adore stories of unrequited love.  I adore Anne Mallory’s What Isabella Desires.  Isabella is a heroine strong enough, determined enough and brave enough to fight for what her heart desires. 

What Isabella Desires is sensual, heart wrenching and ever so romantic.


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