Warrior Woman by Lyn Mangold
Samhain Publishing
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-496-2
Reviewed by Tanya



Lillian is the daughter of a King and the second-in-command of the kingdom’s army.  She is definitely the tomboy of the family and her sister is the girly girl.  But, Lillian has grown up a lot in these last few years and now also is drawn to some of the men she works with and definitely appreciates the ‘view’ of many of the others.

Lillian’s Grandmother is a bitter old woman who makes no attempt to even be civil to Lillian.  She has never liked her and thinks she should be more like a ‘real lady’, like her sister Katrina.  But, the people who really love Lillian like her the way she is. 

While Lillian struggles with not only her Grandmother and her growing feelings for the commander of the army there is an unknown force attacking the kingdom.  This force only attacks at night and appears to be using some sort of dark magic, as the dead disappear in the daylight and while their forces are decimated each night they keep coming back.

Suddenly Lillian is not sure whom she can really trust.  During a horrible accident she finally is able to tell the commander of the army how she feels, but will it be too late?  Will the traitor in the mist be revealed and will Lillian be able to finally let her guard down and love.

Warrior Woman was a wonderful novel in the spirit of medieval romances, set in a fantasy realm.  Lillian was a spunky warrior woman who has more than a few self-doubts which helps the story to stay ‘grounded’.  The characters were all well written with some being very likeable and some you wanted to ‘boo’ off the pages.  I thoroughly enjoyed Warrior Woman and hope that this is the first of many books in this world, written by Lyn Mangold.


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