Ware Wishes by Melissa Glisan
Satin Knights, Book 1
Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-044-0
Reviewed by Trista Bane



Rayn Desantis left his Texas home searching for financial security, something he convinced himself he needed in order to win the heart of rancher heiress Jennifer Taylor.  Over the years that have passed since his hasty departure, not one day has gone by in which he didnít think about Jennifer.

Rayn has scrimped and saved, working two jobs for the MacInnes, a ruthless businessman who will break any moral or law to get what he wants.  A man no one dares to cross, the MacInnes forces Rayn to work for him in the bar, Satin Knights.  He also persuades Rayn to entertain his not-so-innocent daughter.  Imagine Raynís shock when he walks into the bedroom of his lover to find Jennifer staring heatedly at her naked, tantalizing roommate.

Raynís not the only one with secrets though.  When he hears Jennifer sing a sultry song that has an aphrodisiacal affect on the entire crowd, he realizes his songbird is not what she seems.  What will happen when all their secrets become known? 

With Ware Wishes, Melissa Glisan spins a well-written, intricately detailed, erotic story.  However, it seemed to me that there were too many elements to this story.  It was almost as if two wonderful stories were merged, but the stories to me didnít fit.  As much as I love paranormal elements, the story of Rayn and Jennifer wouldíve been an awesome contemporary without it.  The paranormal elements, for me, seemed to take away from the storyís important conflicts, their web of secrets.


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