Valentine’s Day Do-Over by Donna Michaels
The Wild Rose Press
Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Rome Hartt was having a bad day, or rather, yet another repeat of a bad day.  His towing company wasn’t doing too well, it was Valentine’s Day, and his love life was nil.  He had gotten soaked by a passing vehicle, but luckily one of his employees had made his next run for him.

Ivy Valentine was having a bad day.  She’d had a bad flight and was finally driving to the hotel for a conference when her rental car had broken down. 

Eros was not happy when his plans to have Rome and Ivy meet went awry.  All was not lost as they could still meet at the masquerade that evening.  But when that doesn’t work either, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Thus begins a series of Valentine’s days until Rome and Ivy get it right by meeting and falling in love.  In Valentine’s Day Do-Over, our hero and heroine try to understand why the same day keeps recurring.  I enjoyed the gradual introduction between the two, both of their insistence that this had to do with the lottery, and their dawning realization of love. 


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