Undead in the City by Hera St. Aubyn
Loose Id
Vampire Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-59632-466-4
Reviewed by Jo



When you are in a town having a blizzard, what do you do?  Well, if you’re Malveaux, a vampire assassin, you take care of some business and then hit a bar for a drink.  Malveaux was hoping to find someone to spend the night with but he just isn’t having much luck because of the weather.  Having a drink in the bar looks like his best offer tonight.  Malveaux has finally come to the conclusion that he will have to have a “child” soon because his thirst is not being quenched by his normal routine.  However, Malveaux will have to be careful on his choice because sex is intertwined with feeding for him.

Tempest Moon is that bass player in her own band and tonight they have a gig at one of the local bars.  How unlucky that the worst blizzard they have had in awhile has kept almost everyone home.  Music is Tempest’s biggest dream, and she wants to make it big one day and doesn’t mind paying her dues until then.  Besides music, the other activity Tempest enjoys is sex – lots of it.  She was hoping for someone to hook up with someone tonight but it isn’t looking likely.  Until the tall dark stranger wonders in.

Malveaux watches Tempest during her last set and as she closes up for the night.  Tempest has been flirting with him during the entire time he has been there, and Malveaux has decided to take her up on the offer.  With the passion he can feel in her and her zest for life, Malveaux believes he might have just found his “child.”  Tempest leaves with Malveaux on what she knows is going to be a fabulous night of sex.  Just as things get really good, some “people” that have been looking for Malveaux discover where they are.  That night and the next morning are the beginning of Tempest’s introduction to a world she never believed existed, and she isn’t all that sure that she wants to be a part of it – even with a tall, dark and wildly sex man to share it with her.

Undead in the City is an urban fantasy in makeup but the lead couple has quite the rough and tumble romance though out it.  Malveaux has a reputation for his work and can usually keep his concentration on his surrounding and whereabouts.  That is until he meets Tempest.  Tempest only wants a world with music, rock and roll and sex, not asking a lot in her view.  When Tempest has to make a life changing decision (and it isn’t the one you would think), will she chose the peaceful one or the unexpected one with Malveaux and all it entails.  I turned the pages with a type of disbelief because if anything could go wrong for Malveaux and Tempest, it did.  Undead in the City has lots of hot sex, violence and blood in it, but it all works with the plot.  If you like your vampires to be cuddly then this might not be the story for you, but if you like an intriguing story that tells of the darker side of vampire life, than Undead in the City needs to be on you shelf.  I am hoping that Malveaux and Tempest will have a future story.


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