Undead and Uneasy by Mary Janice Davidson
The Undead Series, Book 6
Berkley Sensation
ISBN (10) 0425213765 (13) 978-0425213766
Reviewed by Amelia



Betsy Taylor, the Queen of the vampires, is getting married to her wonderful Eric Sinclair. But all is not coming up roses.

There’s the issue of the dress, since white doesn’t exactly suit a vampire’s coloring, her best friend is battling cancer and Sinclair is less than thrilled about helping with the wedding plans.

And then, things go really bad.  Betsy’s father and stepmother are killed in an accident, Sinclair disappears, as do several of her friends, and Betsy is left to plan the wedding by herself, and wonder where everyone is.  Add in some visiting werewolves who are looking for a missing pack member and you’ve got a wedding that is to die for.

Despite the turmoil in the book, Undead and Uneasy was an interesting and entertaining read.  I’ve always liked Betsy and the way she deals with things.  This volume of the series allows her to grow and shows that, while she’s a relatively young vampire, she’s the queen, and not to be messed with.

Lovers of the Undead series will enjoy this latest installment as much as I did.  Seeing Betsy come to grips with things was enlightening and entertaining.  My only complaint would be that the yummy Sinclair wasn’t around enough. Undead and Uneasy is a great addition to the Betsy series.


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