Unchartered Waters by Kimberlee R. Mendoza
The Wild Rose Press
Inspirational Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Growing up, Beth and her mom had moved constantly and every time just as she started to make friends, they’d up and move again.  Her mother’s five marriages were not the ideal examples for happily ever after either. 

Beth had finally accepted that she was not destined for love, but her mother refused to face the truth.  She continually set Beth up on blind dates, dates that never ended well.  The same was the case with her most recent date with Mitchell, who disappeared during dessert.  When Beth and Mitchell cross paths again, Beth is surprised that he is still showing interest.

Unchartered Water is a feel good story of finding friendship and love.  Beth’s lack of self-confidence in relationships had kept her alone.  Watching Beth and Mitchell learn acceptance and love was a pleasure.  I look forward to more stories like this by Ms. Mendoza.


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