Twice the Temptation by Suzanne Enoch
Historical Romance/ Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-123147-6
Reviewed by Annmarie



Evangeline Munroe inherits a gorgeous diamond in the year 1814.  The diamond is said to be cursed, but the ever-practical Evangeline discounts such nonsense.  Shortly after receiving the diamond, known as the Nightshade Diamond, Evangeline is involved in a carriage accident with the Marquis of Rawley, and that is just the beginning of her bad luck!

2007 finds reformed cat burglar, Sam Jellicoe, living with the current Marquis of Rawley, Richard Addison.  Sam discovers the Nightshade Diamond hidden on Rick’s estate.  Found with the diamond is a note informing the finder that the diamond is cursed!  Now Sam has to convince her lover of the curse before all is lost.

Suzanne Enoch’s Twice the Temptation is very clever.  Two books, one historical and one contemporary, tied together so skillfully that I couldn’t pick one above the other as a favorite.  Although historical romances are my favorite, I adored each story.  Suzanne Enoch is a gifted writer no matter the genre! 


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