‘Twas the Knight Before Christmas by J.C. Wilder
Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-4199-0478-7
Reviewed by Sabella



Probationary Angel Norville has a track record of messing up his assignments and the evidence is his tilted halo and lack of wings.  When he is called into Saint Peter’s office P.A. Norville is understandably nervous.  However, when he gets there he learns that this new assignment has been marked as his by The Big Man, which makes P.A. Norville even more nervous as to his performance, but how hard could it be to bring two people together?  P.A. Norville is about to find out…

Star Whitefeather is a social worker and even though she enjoys her job, she is lonely.  While attending a call to inspect a home on Christmas Eve Star has an accident on the road due to the blizzard conditions leaving her stranded at the side of the mountain road.  With no other options, Star sets to walk to the nearest shelter – Deputy Justice Knight’s home.

Justice Knight hasn’t had much luck with love, as many women object to the demands of his job and his way of life up in the mountains.  When the blizzard knocks out the power to his home Justice sets out to start his generator only to have his dog take him to an unconscious woman half buried in the snow.  Justice is surprised to find that his rescuee is no other than Star whom he has fantasized about for a long time.

Now, all P.A. Norville has to do is nudge these two people together and hope that chemistry will do the rest.

‘Twas the Knight Before Christmas is a funny and romantic tale perfect for reading in front of a fire on a lazy fall afternoon.  Both Justice and Star are wonderful to watch and their erotic encounters will leave you sweating.  P.A. Norville reminds me of Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life, as he is funny and endearing.  ‘Twas the Knight Before Christmas is a great book for when you are looking for sweet entertainment with a dash of eroticism.


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