Truest Treasure by Rayne Forrest
The Curiosity Shoppe II
Aspen Mountain Press
Futuristic Erotica
ISBN 978-1-60168-029-7
Reviewed by Rosemary



Zebadiah LaCroy is going home to earth, but he is not traveling alone, with him is his wife Semele, who is an alien from Beta Circini star system.  During the six month flight home, Zebadiah discovers that his beloved wife is not only telepathic, but a shapeshifting sorceress with a bag full of strange crystals.

Truest Treasure is a sensual space adventure.  Rayne Forrest’s creative characters are delightful.  I am so intrigued by this saga, that I feel compelled to read how Zebadiah and Semele met in the first story.


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