Trilogy No. 108: Just Desserts by Cat Johnson
Linden Bay Romance
Sensual Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-1-60202-028-3
Reviewed by Nannette



Private Investigations

Sam Smith is a retired police officer becoming a private investigator.  He meets Donna Angelo when she and her friend Jade are sneaking around his apartment building spying on Jade’s boyfriend.  Donna is surprised when sexy Sam shows an interest in her.  

Private Investigations is a romantic story.  Donna is sweet and Sam is sexy. Sam’s lack of knowledge about caller id and computers was unrealistic and a little silly though.


Between Love and Hate

Jade Swenson is convinced that her boyfriend, Daniel Kopek, is cheating on her.  When she finds out what he has really been up to behind her back, she gets the surprise of her life!

Between Love and Hate is fun, hot, and romantic.


Saving Grace

Grace Cerone is jealous of her friends, Jade and Donna.  She wants a man of her own.  When Grace starts getting gifts and emails from a secret admirer, she’s thrilled.   Jordan Washington is Grace’s secret admirer.  If he doesn’t make his move soon Grace is going to think her admirer is some else.

Saving Grace is sweet and sexy. Grace is a lovely girl and Jordan is charming.


Just Deserts has three cute stories in it.  Donna, Jade, Grace and their men are great couples.


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