Trilogy No. 107: True Blue by Cat Johnson
Linden Bay Romance
Sensual Contemporary Romance Anthology
ISBN 978-1-60202-020-7
Reviewed by Nannette



The Commander

Commander Hank Miller is headed to Pigeon Hollow to see Task Force Zeta team member, James Gordon, get married.  When he meets Jamesí mother Lois heís shocked to find the woman he thought would be older and more matronly is really a sexy desirable woman his age.

I really like Hank and Lois in The Commander, and thatís why I wish the story focused more on them and less on the others around them.



Bull Ford is on a mission for the Zeta team trying to prevent a terrorist from setting off a bomb when he meets musician Marly Spencer.  When they think their lives are in danger they decide to make every last moment count. 

Bull and Marlyís intimate moment in Bull is very sexy. I was surprised that Marly didnít even question Bull at the end though.



Matthew Coleman is heading to Dubai as the communications officer for Task Force Zeta.  His friend, the comm. and leader for Task Force Omega, Sam Forester, is going as well.  Only Matt doesnít know Samantha will be there or that she is a woman.  Imagine his surprise and delight when he discovers who she really is.

I liked the undercover plot in Matt, Itís sexy and then romantic.


True Blue offers fun, sex, and romance in each of its three stories.


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