Trials on Tour by Jena Galifany
ShadowsForge, Book 2
Whiskey Creek Press
Contemporary / Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-59374-614-8 - EBook
ISBN: 978-1-59374-613-1 - Trade
Reviewed by Jo



The ShadowsForge tour is still going on but not without a new element of danger.  This time the boys have received a warning message that because one of them apparently slept with the senderís woman, he was going to extract justice.  Freaked out, the management has made the tour a security stronghold.  Geoff Richards isnít used to having someone follow his every move and to have his moves regulated.  After all he has a reputation to uphold and there are all of those lovely ladies out there just waiting for him.   Valerie Leonard is a journalist that is doing a biography of the members of ShadowsForge.  Her first meeting with Geoff is interesting to say the least and their second one isnít much better.  However Valerie agrees to date Geoff if he can keep the deal she makes him Ė two weeks without sex.  Geoff agrees, thinking it will be a breeze Ė little does he know.  While this is going on it, appears that the same person who sent the warning letter is targeting Geoff. 

The entire band and crew are there to help, tease and torment Geoff as he tries to win his bet and not be injured by all of the unexplainable accidents that seem to be going on.  When Geoff has to save Valerie from the same madman, can he win the woman and defeat the madman or will this trial be the last of the tour?

Trials on Tour is the second chapter in the saga of ShadowsForge, an up and coming British band.  This time it is the lead singer, Geoff Richards that is the main focus.  Geoff is known for enjoying all the rewards of the being lead signer of a popular band.  Valerie not only says no to him, but also sets up an almost impossible bet for Geoff to get a date.  Valerie is not like any of the woman that Geoff usually wants to sleep with and his agreeing to the bet shocks him.  I was amazed at the lengths Geoff goes through while trying to keep his part of the deal.  The element of danger kept the plot interesting and intriguing.  Once again all of the members of ShadowsForge appear in Trials on Tour and I was happy to see the day-to-day living that the band members have to go through to make it through this tour.  By the end of Trials on Tour I was aware that all the answers were most likely going to be in the next book.  Although it did appear that Geoff and Valerie would end up together.  I personally will be grabbing the next book just to see if I was right or not on my theories. Trials on Tour can be read alone, but I would suggest reading the books in order.


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