Transformation by Amanda Steiger
New Concepts Publishing
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 1-58608-994-3
Reviewed by Gracie



Maggie wonders why she always agrees on these outings with her sister and her boyfriend, as she always feels like a third wheel, but here she is.  As Maggie is hiking along, she stops to look at something and loses sight of her sister.  Maggie tries to remain calm, but she is beginning to panic a bit.  Maggie is attacked by a cougar and she is sure she will not survive.  As she passes out, she sees another cougar attack.

Justin heads to the mountains when he needs to be alone and away from the world.  Fortunately for Maggie, this is one of those times that Justin needs to be on the mountain.

Maggie wakes up in a cabin to find a sexy man taking care of her.  The last thing she remembers is being attracted by the cougar.  Justin seems nice, but he has some very strange things to tell her about some changes that she may be facing soon.  Justin helps Maggie get back on her feet and home to her “normal” life.  Things just get stranger from there.  Maggie cannot get Justin out of her mind and she feels like she is being followed.  Justin cannot seem to shake the feeling that Maggie is in danger.  Will Maggie be able to handle all the changes she is facing and where does Justin and the feelings she has for him fit into her world?

Transformation was a story of acceptance even when reality seems too strange to accept.  Maggie is a kind and beautiful woman who has never really felt like she fit in.  Justin knows exactly who he is and he is drawn to Maggie and just wants to take care of her.  Just and Maggie must find a balance between their feeling and the circumstances that surround their meeting.  Amanda Steiger creates a nice story about finding and understanding who they really are and accepting the feelings that overcome them.  Transformation was a nice story of two people connecting due to the circumstances of fate.


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