Torqued Tales by
CB Potts, Laney Cairo, Elisa Viperas, Kiernan Kelly, BA Tortuga, Jane Davitt, Jay Lygon, Mychael Black, Syd McGinley,
Renee Manley, Vic Winter, Julia Talbot, Angela Sparrow,
Sean Michael, Kara Larson, Dallas Coleman,
Jordan Castillo Price, Cat Zheng, Willa Okati
Torquere Press
Erotic Fantasy M/M Anthology
ISBN 978-1-60370-058-0
Reviewed by Nannette



The Emperorís New Clothes by CB Potts

Jacob and Johan, weavers extraordinaire, arrive at the palace to create clothing for the vain and selfish emperor that only the most wise and worthy can see.  Blinding the people and the emperor with their words and their sexy mouths, Jacob and Johan thought they had everyone fooled.

CB Potts magical way with words and it is very evident in The Emperorís New Clothes.   This is an excellent, witty and sexy version of an old tale.


Tiger, Tiger by Laney Cairo

Tim is searching for the elusive and believed extinct thylacine deep in the forests of Australia.  He finds more than proof of its existence.

Tiger, Tiger is a really touching story.  I was fascinated by Ben and really loved the connection that he and Tim shared.


The Bat Prince by Elisa Viperas

Prince Damian likes to work on his inventions much more than having high tea with princesses.   When one of his inventions gets away from him and crashes into a talking batís tree, he finds something he likes even more than his inventions.


The Bat Prince is fantastic.  Itís witty, clever and sweet.  I didnít want it to end!


The Master Cat by Kiernan Kelly

Daniel Greenís two evil stepbrothers got everything when their father died.  Everything that is, except for the cat; he was given to Daniel.  The cat ends up giving more to Daniel that he ever dreamed possible though.

The Master Cat is great!  The revenge is sweet and the sex is hot!


Lie To Me by BA Tortuga

Some very special magic brings Jesse a real wooden companion.  Jesse really likes it when he lies to him.

Lie To Me is a fantastically witty, sexy and romantic story.


For Kingdomís Sake by Jane Davitt

Prince Damon is supposed to marry the girl with the glass slipper, but Damonís interests lie elsewhere.  If he can find his long lost brother, his problems may be solved.

For Kingdomís Sake is a tale of forbidden love, dark magic and deceit.  It is an enchanting story with a lovely and amusing happily ever after.


Snow White and Rose Red by Jay Lygon

When Buck gets hurt cross-country skiing, a well lit cabin in the woods is a welcome sight.  Lan and York invite Buck in and soon his sore knee and the cold are forgotten when the three of them share their body heat and more, all night long.

In Snow White and Rose Red, Buck, Lan, and York find out how compatible strangers can be after one erotic, lust filled night.  Itís a sexy and hot story.


Hans und Georg by Mychael Black

When Georg entered Hansí candy shop, he found more than a chocolaty treat, he found his soul mate.  

Love and dark chocolate mix to make Hans und Georg a sweet and tender story.  Itís romantic and the sex will melt you!


Trip Trap by Syd McGinley

Once upon a time there were three brothers.  The eldest and middle brothers were jerks, but Baby is good boy.  When they trespass on a trollís property, Baby is left to pay their debt. 

Trip trap is a wicked little story where Baby enjoys his punishment and hopes to stick around for more.  Itís hot!


Godwyn of Coventry by Renee Manely

Godwyn arrives at Coventry and bewitches Lorneuis, Chetwyn and Talon . Heís a good man with a big heart, and very cute backside.

Godwyn of Coventry is a witty tale where jealousy, passion and secret desires run amok.


The Three Little Twinks by Vic winter

Wolf is on the prowl.  He finds himself a Piggy, a Porky and then a Porcin and they live happily ever after.

The title alone in The Three Little Twinks cracks me up.  Itís got three cute boys, one hot stud and steamy sex!


Jack and the Big Ole Pinto Bean by Julia Talbot

Jack and Dane are hard up, so Jack tries to sell their old cow, Bessie, but he ends up trading her for some magic beans instead. 

Jack and the Big Ole Pinto Bean is a funny and lusty take on an old fairy tale.


Outfoxed by Angelia Sparrow

In order for Ren to be transformed from a fox back into a human, Iain has to perform a few tasks.  If he succeeds, both of their dreams will come true. 

Outfoxed is a charming story with sweet passion and spirited adventures.


Little Cowboy Riding Rig by Sean Michael

Little Cowboy Riding Rig meets Big Bad Rock. Then big Dick Woodsman shows up and its fun, times three.

Little Cowboy Riding Rig is one of the best Rock, Rig and Dick shorts ever.  Especially of youíre an avid Jarhead fan.  Itís hysterical and hot!!!


The Nature of the Beast by Kara Larson

Pai Poharama arrives at Mister Karereheís home to help with his garden.  Mister Karerehe turns out to be more beast than man, but Pai sees beauty in him though.

The unfamiliar New Zealander lingo and references in The Nature of the Beast threw me off a bit, but this is a really ingenious and beautiful story.


Happy Whenever After by Dallas Coleman

One traveling man meets another traveling man and they find out that roots can be put down even when youíre on the road.

Happy Whenever After is a terrific story about finding love when you least expect it. 


Looks of Love by Jordan Castillo Price

Hal is trying to help Andre out of the building he is stuck in.  His talents for unlocking doors with his mind wonít be of much use this time.  A rope of Andreís hair gets him in, but once there, heíll have to fight to get him out.

Looks of Love is a sexy and dark Rapunzelian tale.  Itís awesome!


Roy LeRoy and the Bears of Hangmanís Bluff by Kit Zheng

Sheriff Roy LeRoy went for a walk.  He walked and he walked and he walked, then he took a rest in a cave that was inhabited by the Bears of Hangmanís Bluff.

Roy LeRoy and the Bears of Hangmanís Bluff is hot, hot, hot!!!


A Fucked- Up Fairytale by Willa Okati

Toby has to find a way to save his Chandler.  The kiss of true love had better work.

A Fucked ĖUp Fairytale is just that. Itís also funny, sexy and romantic as hell too. I loved it!


The authors of Torqued Tales have outdone themselves with their wild and wicked fairy tales.  The stories are incredibly creative and have lots of hot sex and romance.  Torqued Tales is twisted in a most wonderful way! 


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