To the Rescue by Terri Thackston
Cerridwen Press
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 9781419908484
Reviewed by Hunter



Amy Bartlett is under protective custody but has no clue that she is. She witnessed an ex-boyfriend commit a murder and he vows he’ll kill her as well. After all, if she’s dead, there’s no one to testify. When Ford escapes, Deputy Marshal Jacob Kissman is sent to protect her. In a crowed nightclub, he introduces himself with a steamy kiss before saving her from the escaped killer. Despite what Jacob has done, she’s ticked. She doesn’t need the help of some knight in shining armor to rescue her. She can take care of herself. But Jacob and his superiors think otherwise.

From the moment Jacob sets his eyes on the woman he’s been assigned to protect, he wants her. But if he can just hold off until the trial is over and maybe she won’t be so damned defensive. But after Ford escapes a second time, Jacob is forced to take Amy to his family’s secluded Texas ranch. Will he be able to make her see that the fire between them is real?

I enjoyed To The Rescue immensely. The constant push and pull between Jacob and Amy kept me hooked! I found myself speaking aloud at the two of them, yelling at them to do what I thought they should. Of course, they didn’t listen. They never do. *Smile* But it didn’t stop me from trying. I loved the different situations and scenarios the couple was placed in, forcing them to get close whether a certain one of them liked it or not. The plot was a bit cliché, but the quality of writing helped me to forget it being a typical story.


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