To Love a Scoundrel by Kristina Cook
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-8217-7981-1
Reviewed by Annmarie



Frederick Stoneham is a rogue.  He was content being a rogue until his father arranges a marriage for him to Lady Eleanor Ashton.  Frederick believes his marriage to Lady Eleanor will in no way interfere with his carousing because he remembers Eleanor to be a plain and timid girl.  When he happens upon Eleanor, all grown up, bold and beautiful, Frederick has second thoughts.

Although Eleanor secretly has yearned for Frederick Stoneham for years, she is appalled at this arranged marriage.   When Frederickís former mistress fills Eleanorís head with lies, she is even more distressed.  Frederick is determined to win Eleanorís hand and her heart.

Beware.  To Love a Scoundrel will make you fall in love with Frederick Stoneham.  Heís a delicious scoundrel.  His pursuit of the lovely Lady Eleanor endeared him to me even more. 

Kristina Cook has penned a charming and seductive story in To Love a Scoundrel.


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