Tied and True by Marie Harte
Loose Id
Erotic Contemporary/Light Bondage
ISBN: 978-1-59632-492-3
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lindsay Riordan hates to be the subject of gossip.  Extremely beautiful, she has had to work double time to overcome obstacles because of her looks.  However, when she overhears Jared Hunt telling two cronies at work that he did the unthinkable WITH her, enough is enough.  Jared Hunt is going to pay. 

Jared Hunt comes home after a tiring day and relaxes in front of his computer.  Unwilling to believe that Lindsay Riordan is stealing from the company he has been hired to infiltrate, Jared canít help but wish that the gorgeous, sexy blonde was in his arms.  He has no idea that his wish is about to come true.

Tied and True was simply outrageous in its storyline and I loved it!  What woman hasnít thought about exacting revenge on stupid men who run their mouths?  Marie Harte has spun a finely honed tale of one womanís ability to bring a man to his knees overnight by utilizing some secure ties.  I was enthralled and couldnít wait to see what would happen next.  Of course the fact that Jared was sexy as all get out didnít hurt either.  Marie Harte should be proud of this fast moving, sensually delightful novel.  I know I am glad she published it.


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