Ticket to Seduction by Trixie Stilletto
Amber Quill Press
Historical Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59279-682-3
Reviewed by Hunter



When Sally boarded a train to take her from New York to Texas, she didnít know what she was walking into. Even though everyone she knew thought her crazy, she didnít care. She loved flying and she longed to do her part to help the soldiers fighting overseas in World War II. She wanted to be in the Womenís Flying Corps. While looking for her seat on the train, she accidentally enters a sleeping car and a stranger pulls her into a passionate embrace. When he realizes sheís not who he thought she was, he apologizes profusely and offers to take her for coffee in the dining car. But since Sallyís looking for an adventure, why not take it all the way?

Ticket to Seduction was a really good read. When I read what year the story was taking place in, I was a bit leery at first, as many have trouble with the accuracy and feel of the WWII era. Ms. Stilletto did wonderful job at this; I was pleasantly surprised. The scene in the dining car was very hot. Yes, I dug that a lot. Why canít I find a man like that? This tale kept me wondering where the next turn was going to take me, and that is something that rarely happens. Some of the scenes were a little telling and some of the dialogue was a little stilted, but it was easy to ignore.


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