Things That Go Grr by Kate Steele
Hoosier Werewolf, Book 3
Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-59596-517-2
Reviewed by Jo



Lucas Devereau has just found his mate – great news, right?  Well, sort of. His mate is everything that Lucas would have picked himself.  Now for the bad news, his mate is human and as much of an alpha as Lucas is.  On top of that, Lucas will only have a small amount of time to hopefully gain the trust and commitment needed between mates before having to deal with trouble in the pack that could cost him his life. 

Nick Parks met Lucas because he was so close to both of his brothers’ partners and they love to party in his club.  Because of rotten timing, Nick is told a secret that neither of his brothers are aware of…yet.  Lucas and Nick will need to gather everyone and relay some secrets – the largest of which will take all the love and skill that the couples have to keep Lucas and his loved ones safe.

Things That Go Grr tells of Nick Parks, the final Parks brother, and his meeting and mating with Lucas.  Nick and Lucas are perfectly matched and are both alphas.  To make their happily ever after a reality, it took trust, love and determination to defeat the danger facing all they hold dear.  I wanted Nick’s story since I had read about the other two Parks brothers.  Ms. Steele totally fulfilled every expectation and hope and I was not disappointed.  I think that Nick and Lucas touch me the most because there was so much more riding on them overcoming the danger that faced not only them but the entire pack. 

While Things That Go Grr can stand alone, I highly recommend that you get all three of the Hoosier Werewolf books and read them in order.  And then if you are anything like me, you will do it all over again.  This is a keeper series.


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