There Goes The Bride by Lori Wilde
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 0-446-61845-4
Reviewed by Nannette



Delaney Cartwright’s wedding to Dr. Evan Van Zandt will be the social event of the year, if Delaney actually goes through with it.  Delaney is having second thoughts because there is no passion in their relationship.

Nick Vinetti is an undercover cop on medical leave after getting hurt on the job.  Since his wife left him, Nick has lost his belief in romance and love.  Meeting Delany changes his views, but she’s engaged and therefore off limits.

Delaney’s mother cares more about her social standing than her daughter’s feelings, which she proves with the deep, dark secret she is hiding, and her father has buried his feelings for so long he doesn’t know how to dig himself out.

Can a “magic” veil or talks with her sister in her dreams help Delaney decide what to do?  

I have mixed feelings about There Goes The Bride.  On one hand Delaney finds her soul mate and it’s romantic and touching, but on the other, she is engaged and her actions are not very affable.  I really like Nick and I wanted him and Delaney to be together, bit I felt bad for Evan.  There  Goes The Bride is a good story and Delany’s mother’s predicament adds suspense, but I  think it  romanticizes unfaithfulness.


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