Therapy by Adrianna Dane
Amber Heat
ISBN -13: 978-1-59279-652-6 (Electronic)
Reviewed by Jo



Chris has moved to Seattle from her home in Minnesota to start over.  She is recovering from an abusive relationship and has been doing okay except for one minor detail.  Her ex was a hockey player who liked to play rough both on and off the ice. She is ready to get over this last hurtle.  Chris recently met a new man, Rick Ballantine, and with the connection they have, he could be the one.  There is just one problem; Rick is a professional hockey player.  Rick knows that his relationship with Chris can go much higher and richer than it has been so far.  He knows that something is holding back Chris in certain areas.  After being hurt during a game, Chris races to the rink and Rick finds out the past that Chris doesnít talk about.  Rick knows that he has to help Chris overcome her inner fears with his profession.  Rick decides to help out with a little therapy of his own, with Chrisí full approval. 

Therapy is a light-hearted story that discusses a huge topic.  Chris has escaped an abusive relationship and started over in a totally new place.  Rick plays hockey but that is only a small part of his personality and he just knows that he can help Chris in her recovery.  I read this is one sitting, as I had to know if Chris was able to overcome her emotional barrier.  I loved how Rick used everything at his disposal to help Chris.  Therapy made me smile even as I realized that some women could never do what Chris was able to do.  The fun that is throughout the pages has made Therapy a keeper for me.


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