The Zebra Wore Red Stockings by Pepper Espinoza
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN 1-59578-310-5
Reviewed by Rosemary



Belle, Kevin and Aden are looking forward to their first Christmas together.  Aden convinces Belle that Kevin’s perfect gift would be the chance to paint her portrait.  Aden buys Belle an outfit guaranteed to make Kevin drool as he sketches Belle, while Aden seduces Belle with words that puts a very sensual look on her face.  The painting is Kevin’s best work.

The Zebra Wore Red Stockings is funny and scorching hot.  This is a sequel to The Zebra Wore Fishnets.  Pepper Espinoza turns up the heat factor on the love scenes to the maximum level.  Both Kevin and Aden are sultry, sexy lovers, and like Belle I could not choose a favorite.  I thoroughly enjoyed this rendition, and I am inspired to back track and read the first story of how Kevin, Aden and Belle first met.


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