The Tigerís Eye by Liz Craven
New Concepts Publishing
Reviewer by Rosemary



Caitlyn works as a stripper to pay for graduate school.  It is forbidden to fraternize with the customers outside of the Tigerís Eye Club, yet from the moment she discovers the dark stranger leaning against her car, Caitlyn is drawn to him. 

Damien, alpha of his pride, had been informed of an unknown Tigre woman working at the club and went there to see for himself.  It was his duty to protect their females.  Her scent proclaimed her his mate.   Damien has no intention of allowing Caitlyn to run, she was his and she would know it as soon as heís marked her. 

The Tigerís Eye is an under developed cliffhanger that has the potential to be a really good story.  Liz Craven has a good concept started, and I found the image of the tigre interesting, but I feel the story needed more depth to be really enjoyable.


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