The Supplicant by Lucinda Betts
Erotic Romance
ISBN: 0-7582-1468-5
Reviewed by Amelia



Sureya is a peasant girl, nanny to a wonderful family who saved her after her own family was slaughtered. One day a second sun burns in the sky and Sureya finds out the truth. She is the Supplicant of Marotiri. According to the legend of the land, the One God can grant the wishes of its people after the person making the wish brings the Supplicant to orgasm.

Kalief is the King of Marotiri. He brings Sureya to his castle and then falls in love with her. He knows that Sureya will be used as a whore by lords and ladies to get their wishes heard by the One God. He doesnít want this to happen, so he devises a plan to keep the Supplicant working as she needs to be, but with only him bringing her to orgasm.

Things seem to be going well, but then disaster strikes and the barbarians are brought into the mix. Sureya and Kalief have to battle their enemies, and then each other, to find happiness.

I found the premise of The Supplicant to be interesting at first. It was a little disconcerting to me that Sureya was going to be made available to everyone who wanted her, so I was happy when Kalief came up with his solution. Then, when disaster struck the main characters, it also hit me square in the face. Sureya is captured by the barbarians and the resulting scene, which I saw as a rape scene, made it very difficult for me to finish the book.

Even though she is under the influence of an aphrodisiac, she succumbs to the barbarians and takes part in an orgy to save their children from illness. I understand that it was done for the good of the children, but I had trouble dealing with it. I wanted Sureya to use her brain and find a way to overcome the sickness without taking part in the orgy.

In the end, there is happiness for the main characters, but not for me. The Supplicant contains many interesting characters, and the land is beautifully painted, but Iím afraid that this did not help with my enjoyment of this novel. The Supplicant was not the book for me.


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