The Scent of Revenge by Savannah Madanelle
Midnight Dream Girls, Book 2
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-086-5
Reviewed by Klarissa



First plagued by erotic dreams, Morgan Fremont thought her dream lover was created because of the lack of action she’d received lately.  With his harsh demands, Morgan goes with the flow as he builds her need for him higher and higher.

Having to take care of two people, Morgan is lucky to get a job at the Midnight Saloon as one of their dancers.  She never expects to gain a fan of her dancing so quickly though.  Jonathon works his way into her life and soon he and Morgan are inseparable.  Can Jonathon save Morgan from the same evil that touched his life so long ago?

The Scent of Revenge will take you on an intriguing ride in this new vampire world.  The Midnight Dream Girls are so unique and fresh you will be glued to the pages to see what happens next.  Morgan is not your typical heroine.  I loved her spunk and her strength as she had to face many difficult realizations.  The Scent of Revenge can be read alone, but I would suggest reading the whole Midnight Dream Girl series.


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