The Promise of Forever by Lyric James
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-148-0
Reviewed by Nellie



Looking for a safe haven after an abusive relationship, Sonja Milton has accepted a job as a personal assistant to Trent Logan.  Being thankful of the success as a best selling author, Trent takes every opportunity to give back to his community especially kids.  Sonja is determined to keep her heart intact but slowly Trent Logan breaks down every barrier she has erected around her heart.  But, can she trust the promise of forever that he is offering. 

The Promise of Forever is a story of finding love at the most unlikely time.  There were a couple of life lessons I gleaned from the story’ one, as Sonja is beginning to heal from being heart broken she learns what true love can really be, two, love is not always a bed of roses but with the right person you can believe in forever.  For me it was a decent story but very deep in terms of lessons of the heart.


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