The Power of Love by Sharon Cullen
The Wild Rose Press
Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



She had been with him for most of his life.  Jack Davis didnít know where she was, who she was, or even if she was.  They had shared joy and fear, but never had he heard her voice.

Help me.  He could hear her.  Her whispered plea would come, but he had no way of finding her.  Even his power as Governor of Ohio couldnít help him find someone he didnít know truly existed.

But she had been there for him his entire life.  Jack was determined to find her.

I found The Power of Love to be a very interesting story with an intriguing plotline.  Jack must show the world, or at least the state, that he is fully competent, yet he is hearing a voice.  He wants to search of her, but he canít very well run off without serious repercussions.  I will definitely keep Sharon Cullen on my list of authors to watch.


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