The Pickle My Little Friend by Evan Trevane & Shawn M. Casey
The Wild Rose Press
Film Noir Style Romance
Reviewed by Tanya



Detective Jack Carter is a fedora wearing Dick Tracy type of a police detective and he is having a hard time solving the latest string of murders in his town.  The press has dubbed them the Bicycle Chain murders, as this is the weapon used to strangle the victims.  Suddenly the MO of the murder changes and a pickle is left at each scene. 

Suddenly Jack is fixated on his assistant Vicky Peik, and thinks that not only does he want to get between the sheets with her but she seems a little too close to these murders.  Vicky seems to be either holding her own investigation or she is part of the murder team.  Can Vicky find the killer and keep herself out of trouble and get her man before time runs out?

What a hoot.  The Pickle My Little Friend is the quintesstential Noir Investigator, this time police, out solving a crime.  The story is set in the late 40ís and I could picture the events easilly as the authors painted quite a picture.  I found myself laughing out loud at the reference to a Dick Tracy watch as well as some other items mentioned in the story.  If you are a fan of Film Noir you will love this story and enjoy the time you spend reading it.


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