The Other Face of Love by Elena Iglesias
Awe-Struck Books
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-587496-00-4
Reviewed by Hunter



Carolina has been burned by love before and there’s no way she’s ever going down that road again. She has her children and her bakery and that’s all she needs. Except for maybe a vacation now and then. She decides to head from Connecticut to Miami for some time of fun in the sun with her kids. There’s only one slight catch. Her mother asks her to do a favor for a friend of the family and pick up his son when he arrives from Cuba and bring him back to Connecticut with her. Carolina is apprehensive, but agrees to do it. Despite her resolve to have nothing to do with men ever again, she finds herself drawn to this man. He’s attractive, nice, and wonderful with the kids. Too bad he has a secret.

Gonzalo has just left his fiancé and he’s looking for a way out of Cuba. He overhears a conversation between a man and woman and decides to make the most out of what he hears. He’ll go to Florida in Jorge’s place if he doesn’t show up at the dock to leave the next morning. But after Gonzalo arrives in Florida and is picked up by the beautiful Carolina, his plans are suddenly changing. But will Carolina be as open to him one she finds out he’s not who she thinks he is?

The Other Face of Love was a good book, though I found it a little slow in the beginning and a bit hard to get into. After I made it past the first few chapters, I was more involved in the story and what was happening with the characters. There wasn’t really a hook that dragged me into the story. Instead, I had to keep reading and slowly become involved. The second half of the story was really good and kept me involved. It was definitely worth it to keep reading.


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