The King and I by Elizabeth Batten-Carew
New Concepts Publishing
Futuristic Romance
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Aria is surprised to find out that she is the lucky winner of an all expenses paid vacation at a luxurious resort.  Feeling underdressed as she watches the other vacationers in their ball gowns and tuxedos, she almost balks at going into the ballroom but is soon led there by a helpful maitre d’ who seats her with other women.  All the women hit it off and find out that each of them was a contest winner.  Before they are able to settle in for fun at the party, the maitre d’ shows up again and leads the women to an elevator so that each woman can go through orientation. 

Aria wakes up after her elevator ride, realizes that she is no longer on Earth, and that somehow she is the mate of a King.  Tai, the captain of the ship, who also happens to be the king’s brother, tells her this and Aria doesn’t believe him.  She doesn’t believe they are aliens and she for sure doesn’t believe that the king is her mate because she is so very attracted to Tai.  What happens when they land and Aria becomes a resident of her new planet?  One thing is for sure, she is not going to give up Tai, even if the man that is her supposed mate is a king.

Not a huge fan of the futuristic genre, I was unsure if I would like The King and I.  I more than liked it; I adored it!  Tai wanted so hard to be honorable for his brother, but his feelings for Aria were hard for him to deny.  More than once I had to hold back a sniffle when Aria would think of her life and how she was raised.  I thought that my heart would burst when Tai tried to do the right thing and step aside.  This book tugged at every heartstring I had, it made me sweat with its sensuality, and it made me smile for a story well told.  I simply thought it was a great read.


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