The Jaguar Legacy by Maureen Fisher
Lachesis Publishing
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
ISBN 978-1897370049
Reviewed by Nannette



Charley Underhill is an investigative journalist trying to get the inside scoop on Dr. Alistair Kincaidís archeological dig.  Charlie needs the money the article will provide to help get treatment for her mother.  When she finds Kincaid though, the extremely handsome Scotsman wants her gone, and fast.

Kincaid has his hands full with two beautiful women and heís stuck with them for a while, but when his attraction to Charlie gets too strong to ignore, he decides he wants her to stay a little longer.

Charlie suffers from panic attacks that seem more like memories.  As she starts to figure them out, she discovers something pretty unbelievable about herself.  There is a dangerous connection between Charlie and the dig site, and itís growing greater by the minute.

In The Jaguar Legacy, the romance is terrific and the jaguar legacy is intriguing.  I love Kincaid and Charlie together.  Aside from a part of the story that was left unfinished, The Jaguar Legacy is very good and it has great characterization as well.  


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