The Italian Princeís Pregnant Bride by Sandra Marton
Harlequin Presents
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-373-12652-1
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Aimee Black canít believe the audacity of some people, especially the man that just accosted her on the street no less.  The granddaughter of the owner of the SCB bank, Aimee has just about had enough of domineering and bossy men.  Just that day her grandfather told her he was stepping down from control of the bank, and Aimee knows without a doubt that she is the only person capable in their family to take over the reins.  Her grandfather, however, has other plans.  Plans that have infuriated Aimee so much that she does something that she never ever does.  She goes out to a club drinking and dancing.  It is in this club that her eyes meet those of the man that ran into her earlier in the day.  When she sees how he is looking at her she thinks of nothing else but running out of the club and getting away, but to no avail.  He finds her and proceeds to show her exactly how he feels smart mouthed women should be dealt with.

Prince Nicolo Barbieri is in Manhattan to negotiate the taking over of the SCB Bank.  Arriving at his hotel, as he is stepping out of his limo, he runs into a beautiful woman who immediately berates him and all but cusses him out for his actions, no matter that they were completely accidental and Nicolo was actually apologizing.  Not prepared for the animosity radiating out of this womanís pores, Nicolo does the only thing he can think of at the time Ė he kisses her speechless and then dares her to hit him.

Sparks fly when Aimee and Nicolo come together.  They have no idea that in just a few short weeks their lives will be even more entwined.  While circumstances force Nicolo to do the right thing, Aimee knows that he doesnít love her.  Or does he?

The premise and blurb for The Italian Princeís Pregnant Bride captivated my attention so much that I had to read this book.  Once I began to read, my expectations went out the window and I found myself more than once wincing at the harsh words Aimee said to Nicolo at their first meeting on the street.  However, when he found her in the club and proceeded to show her just how much he had been thinking about her, I blushed and kept reading.  I love stories of strangers coming together and then finding each other again, and this was such a book.  But, that is where the fairy tale ends.  When both characters meet each other again after being apart for three months, the only thing they had going for each other was their desire, which was hard to believe since they spent most of their time together fighting.  Nicolo needed his face slapped more than once and I wanted to shake Aimee for the stubborn woman she was. 

Sandra Martonís The Italian Princeís Pregnant Bride was a good read, full of hot Italian emotions.  I didnít enjoy it as much as I wanted to because of the constant conflict between the heroine and hero.  I just could not make myself believe that they loved and cared for each other.  I will read Sandra Martonís next release in September because while I didnít like the characters of this book, I am not going to forget about how well written the book was, nor how I stayed on the edge of my seat to see where the plot was going. 


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