The Importance of Almack’s by Denise Patrick
Samhain Publishing
Historical/Regency Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-518-7
Reviewed by Tanya



Pamela Clarkdale has always been the ignored daughter by her father.  In fact she is treated as more of a servant than a daughter, but in her mothers eyes she's a young lady.  Pamela finds an injured man near a stream one day and takes him home to recover.  But, as her father doesn’t like strangers he is kept in the stables.  Pamela is drawn to Kitt and after a shock one night she is caught by her sister sharing a kiss.  This causes Pamela to be disowned and thrown out of her house.  She seeks a position as a ladies companion, and finds it with Lady Claire.  In a humorous twist of events Lady Claire turns out to be Kitt’s Godmother.

Kitt Covington is actually an Earl, but he doesn’t reveal this to Pamela while he is recovering in the stables.  But when she is disowned and banished he wants to step in and do the right thing.  While he has sworn off marriage he is willing to be engaged to her to help her save face.

But, even when Pamela agrees to the engagement she is still denied a voucher to Almack’s.  In a time when the ‘ton’ considers these vouchers to be everything this is a blow.  Things are heating up all around Pamela and suddenly everything she knew about her family seems to be dissolving around her, and she is falling in love with the one man who scoffs at love, Kitt.

If you are a lover of the historical romance genre then The Importance of Almack’s is a must have for you.  After reading the story I just wanted to sigh.  There were a lot of twists and turns as well as secrets being held in this book, but the author does a fantastic job of pulling them all together in the end.  This was a love story at its best.   In the end The Importance of Almack’s made me want more historical romances from Denise Patrick.


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