The Domino Effect by Denyse Bridger
Liquid Silver Books
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-59578-285-0
Reviewed by Gracie



Daniella Renault is very frustrated by her lover, Martin Fowler’s, inability to let her in on what is going on in his life.  Daniella has been around this lifestyle forever as her father is part of the agency that Martin works for.  Daniella is not prepared for what is about to happen.

Martin Fowler loves Daniella beyond all else, but he does not want to involve her in the current mess that is shadowing his career.  Someone is systematically attempting to ruin his career and destroy his life.  Martin could not bear it if Daniella was harmed by his past mistakes.

After a fight with Martin, Daniella heads to her friend, Chris Barnes’, home to see if he can help her find any information out about what is going on with Martin.  Chris does not want to get in the middle of a disagreement between Daniella and Martin, but he has a very hard time telling Daniella no.  As Daniella is leaving Chris’ house, both she and Chris are kidnapped at gunpoint.  While Daniella wanted to know what was going on with Martin…she did not want to become quite so involved.  Chris and Daniella are put into a compromising situation which neither can avoid.  Martin is frantically searching for Daniella and he cannot bear to loose her.  Will Daniella and Martin be able to find a way past the things they were forced to do and find the balance and love they need to continue with their relationship?

The Domino Effect is filled with action and suspense.  Daniella is a strong and good woman who only wants to save her relationship with Martin.  Martin has led a very full life, but his life was never as complete as when he has Daniella.  All he wants is to keep her safe.  The Domino Effect is a pleasant read and the characters grow on you as the story progresses.  I look forward to reading more by Denyse Bridger.


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