The Diary of Annalise by Annmarie Ortega
New Concepts Publishing
Historical Romance/Pirate
Reviewed by Tanya



Annalise is doing all she can to keep her head above water.  When her father died she found that he had hidden the state of their debt from her, and now she has only the family tavern left.  She is doing everything that she can to make ends meet, this from a woman who canít even hold her liquor.  This is what gets her into trouble when the dashing stranger buys her one drink.

Now Annalise finds that she has been kidnapped.  But, she has her diary writing and her memories of the night she spent with the stranger to keep her company.

The Diary of Annalise is written in a format that is not often seen, that of a daily diary.  It caught my attention and kept it with Annalise reflecting on recent events while she is being held on a ship, on her way to the unknown.  I thoroughly enjoyed the authorís format and writing.  The Diary of Annalise is a great fast read for those who like their men a little salty.


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