The Bloodstone Affair by Emma Wildes
Brothers of the Absinthe Club Book 2
Siren Publishing
Historical/Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-933563-80-X
Reviewed by Tanya


Gavin St. John has a rather unique line of work.  He spends his life ferreting out the secrets of the dead.  He doesn’t talk with them but he can feel their presence, and with some research can usually figure out what needs to be done to help them move on.  When he is summoned to the Bloodstone Manor, one of the most notorious in England for haunting, he jumps at the chance.  The problem is that this haunting has a feeling of evil to it, so much so that part of the house has been closed off.

Carlotta Stone is the Dowager Duchess and Mistress of the Bloodstone Manor.  She was widowed young, and married even younger in an arranged marriage.  She is drawn to St. John and while she is shocked by the turn of events when he arrives she still wants to do what is needed to free the Manor from the evil spirit.  The problem is will the spirit go without harming another?

I found The Bloodstone Affair a riveting page turner (or scroller as the case may be).  The premise of ghosts lingering until they have finished their business is not a new concept, especially in old English manors, but the way Emma Wildes handled it in The Bloodstone Affair, was new to me.  I found this story to have some very sensual parts as well as wonderful character development.  If you like a few ghosts in your romances you will enjoy this story.


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