The Blonde Bomb Tech by Lara Santiago
Siren Publishing
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-933563-29-X
Reviewed by Rosemary



The bomb she had tried to defuse had gone off.  Sabrina Morgan had been a bomb technician for nearly five years, and she had never failed to defuse a bomb until today.  Running full out, she flies unexpectedly into the arms of firefighter Jake Donovan. 

Jake falls in love with the passionate but emotionally scarred Sabrina.  Looking to settle down and start a family, Jake pursues Sabrina.  Jake is a strong, loving alpha male who has his hands full trying to subdue feisty Sabrina who believes the reason for her existence is to stop the mad bomber by defusing his bombs.

The Blonde Bomb Tech is a well-paced intense story of cat and mouse between Sabrina and the bomber with the addition of sexy Jake to change Sabrina’s focus to a personal life she had been missing.  Lara Santiago’s creative thriller brings to attention the real life dangerous jobs and the people who do them. An excellent read I really enjoyed.


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