The American Heiress by Diana Bold
Lords Of Scandal Book 2
Wild Rose Press
Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-60154-063-9
Reviewed by Tanya



Viscount Michael Blake is a no-nonsense somewhat staid man who is trying to keep his inheritance afloat.  His father, the Earl of Warren, seems to be trying to see how quickly they can bankrupt them.  When a marriage is arranged to a Duke’s daughter it looks as if their money troubles are finally behind them.  But, when the Lady in question is found in a compromising position with Michael’s brother, he just can’t go through with the wedding.  Now he needs a rich heiress.  The only one that looks like they fit the bill is the “upstart” American Emma Marks.

Emma is attracted to Michael but she thinks he is too rigid for her liking.  She spends some time with him and though he proposes in the most undesirable way she decides that she will consider the proposal.  The more time she spends with him, and then there is the kiss, the more she thinks they will suit.  But, there is no way she will fit into the mold of what Michael thinks a proper English bride is.

The American Heiress was a heartfelt look into the late 19th century marriage mart in both England and New York.  I was drawn in by the characters as well as their situations.  For a Historical Romance there was also some intrigue and a spunky leading lady.  You have to love those upstart Americans.  I enjoyed this look into marrying for titles or money and those that like to see the ‘ton’ put in its place will also like The American Heiress.


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