The Agency: Marek and Tyrone by J.J. Massa
The Agency Series
M/M Contemporary
ISBN: 1-60054-46-5
Reviewed by Shannon



Agent Marek Dublecek almost died on his last mission, but he lives for the Agency and the Old Man who runs it. The night cook in the Agency cafeteria is the closest thing to a friend he has, and Marek doesnít know what to do about his attraction to Tyrone. For some reason, he feels safe around the big man.

Cook Tyrone Johnson lives for the few appearances of The Shadow, the thin man who has a sweet tooth and who calls to him in some way. When Marek finally starts to talk to him and show an interest, Tyrone is overjoyed, but heís afraid of scaring Marek off.

At first, the two men donít know what to do with each other. Deciding that they are now dating, they quickly build their relationship. But, when everything comes tumbling down, will they be able to save what they had, or can they build something stronger?

The Agency: Marek and Tyrone is another heart-pounding addition to J.J. Massaís Agency series. The men in the Agency are always fascinating characters and Tyrone and Marek caught my attention right away. I loved their differences and how they found so much in common from a few chance meetings that bloomed into something more.

Perhaps because I was so committed to Tyrone though, I was thrown by the addition of Caesar Medowes at the end of the story. Even though I loved him throughout the book, I wasnít expecting what happened so I was a little disappointed at first. However, I loved how Ms. Massa tied everything together, and the three men together were incredible. Once I got over my shock, I thoroughly enjoyed The Agency: Marek and Tyrone and I canít wait to see what Ms. Massa does next.


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