Taking on the Law by Cheyenne McCray
Taboo, Book 2
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419909832
Reviewed by Jo



Erin Wilson just doesn’t think her day can get any worse. It started while she tried to get to work and then finding her boyfriend in bed with her ex-best friend.  Now she has lights and sirens behind her and knows she is going to get a doozey of a ticket to top it off.  Erin pulls over and when the cop comes up to her, she discovers that the cop is her boyfriend from high school – the one she left suddenly.

Dave Bennett pulls over a speeding car that has also just littered.  Going up to the window he asks for the normal items and then discovers that his stop is Erin, the girl that left him without a word just after high school.  Dave decides to personally show Erin the punishment for civil disobedience, in his own special way.

What began as a day from hell has become a night of learning and passionate discovery for Erin.  Dave has several lessons to teach Erin and he begins with the first few that night.  Erin and Dave begin anew as consenting adults and quickly discover that the flame and connection they had in high school not only did not go away, but has become an inferno only each other can cool down.  But will the inferno burn itself out quickly, or continue to flame as they add their own special heat to it.

Erin realizes that she is Taking on the Law when her high school sweetheart stops her for speeding.  Dave has never forgotten Erin and has always wondered what made her flee like she did.  Now that he has her in his handcuffs, Dave will not only get his answers, but show Erin exactly what to expect if she decides to take him on again.  I found Taking on the Law to be both hot and spicy and warm and fuzzy.  Dave and Erin had a chance when they were younger, but it was not to be.  Now that they have found each other again all the remembered passion has tripled in strength.  I loved this second story about the Bennett brothers from beginning to end.  My suggestion is to have a nice tall cool drink at your elbow while reading.  Taking on the Law is a true scorcher for summer heat enjoyment.


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