Summoner by Nicole Delonpre
New Concepts Publishing
Dark Fantasy / BDSM Romance
ISBN: 1-58608-936-6 (electronic)
ISBN: 1-58608-839-4 (Trade)
Reviewed by Jo



Lady Angeline Delgado is caught in a nightmare that she can’t seem to wake up from.  First her father has given her to his lord and then a sadistic underling of a rival lord kidnaps her.  The things that she has had to endure are just the beginning from what she can understand.  Having to rest, their party has traveled to Shroudskull, a keep that is held by Shadowclaw.  Shadowclaw is a summoner.  Lady Angeline doesn’t know a lot about summoners but she does know that pain is all that he has known.  If she is every to get away and gain the freedom Lady Angeline, craves then she is going to have to seduce her captor – but can a summoner even experience pleasure? 

Summoner is a story of a young woman who is thrust into the darker part of life and exposed to rough BDSM just because she is a woman.  Lady Angeline learns some of the nastier facts of sex after being kidnapped while traveling to the lord she has been promised to.  Shadowclaw has been trained since birth to be a summoner through pain and isn’t sure about the pleasures that Lady Angeline talks of.  Lady Angeline knows that she should find Shadowclaw disturbing, not intriguing as she does.   I followed the pain and suffering that Lady Angeline suffered first and then the aspects of discovery and passion.  If you enjoy the darker side of romance and love historical, then Summoner should be on your wish list.

I will say some readers may be disturbed by some of the aspects discussed and related  in this book– especially in the beginning


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