Summer Storm by Marilyn Lee
Silks Vault
Contemporary/ Interracial
Reviewed by Nellie


Jill Parson is a newly divorced mum who is plump and blond, and needs a man so that she stops falling backward and having her fix taken care of by her ex-husband. That is the case when you have no choice, but two men are vying for her attention. Justin is a military man who’s a friend with her son and Dan is a man who wants to fulfill her every fantasy. But as they say,” once you go black….”, and Justin has the right stuff. After his disappearing act, she has moved on with a new man. But now he is back in the picture and is determined to have Jill back. What can a girl do in this situation?

Summer Storm disappointed me mainly because I could not relate to the story. It lacked a depth to the storyline. It is hot and steamy and at the end of the day you realize that the main characters are only have sex nothing else. I am still a fan of this author although I think this was a miss hit.


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