Stone Queen by Michelle M. Pillow
Realm Immortal, Book 3
Samhain Publishing
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-433-4
Reviewed by Rosemary



Queen Juliana of the Unblessed married for love.  She will do anything to save her family; she does not want to bring her child into her unsettled world, so she entraps herself in stone to end the war.  Merrick, the King of Necessary Evil, loves Juliana, but can never tell her for fear of upsetting the balance of both mortal and immortal realms.  Now with her body trapped in stone, he has no idea how to free her.

Stone Queen is a unique story with a cast of imaginary characters.  Michelle M. Pillowís creative writings give goblins, nymphs and demons a sexy appeal.  Fantasy fans will enjoy this well written addition.


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