Still Burning by Drew Zachary
On Fire, Book 2
Torquere Press
Contemporary Gay Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60370-031-3, 1-60370-031-5
Reviewed by Cassie



After seven years together, Sam and Robert are as happy as ever.  Theyíve settled into small town living, with Robert as the fire chief and Sam teaching third grade at the local elementary school.  Still, all is not right in their little world.  While everyone loves Robert, Sam isnít feeling quite so loved.  A few people have been making subtle but disparaging comments to him about his and Robertís relationship, making Sam feel a bit unwelcome.  Then Robert gets hurt at a fire, which brings out disapproval from an unexpected source.  Robert wants to make things right for Sam, and gets a surprising idea of how to do soÖ

On Firewas a wonderful read, and Still Burning was just as enjoyable.  Happy, excitable Sam and strong, calm Robert are the perfect example of opposites attracting.  I loved reading about how in love and still attracted to each other Sam and Robert were.  The sex scenes are both hot and sweet.  Thereís no huge, wildly dramatic conflict in Still Burning, but while I am often a fan of melodrama and angst, I liked the ordinary, realistic conflicts in this novel.  Robertís accident, the small incidents with townspeople, and the pressure Sam was under all added up to a story that held my interest without ever once having to go over the top.  A wonderfully sweet ending added icing to this already delicious cake.  If youíve read and enjoyed On Fire, donít hesitate to pick this one up!  You wonít be disappointed. 

*Note: While this book can stand alone, I recommend reading On Fire first.*


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