Spell of Passion by Shelly Turner
Twilight Fantasies
Contemporary Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-934495-14-8
Reviewed by Tanya



Emily is an overworked, under appreciated, married woman.  She has decided to set the stage for a nice romantic evening with her husband.  But, when he comes home she is again rebuked and ends up crying herself to sleep.  She is struck the next morning with what the overall cause of the recent problems is and runs out crying.

Jax is an immortal who has watched Emily from afar and desired her.  But, knowing she is married keeps his distance.  When he sees her after confronting her husband he takes her to his place and puts a spell on her, resembling amnesia.  When she awakes she is told Jax is her husband.

Who will she choose once she determines they both have deceived her?

Spell of Passion just did not hit a chord with me as a reader, in fact I found myself annoyed with the solution to the conflict in the story.  Too many things were not explained until you were mid way through a chapter, so the reader was left wondering if they were guessing correctly or not.  I do not understand how having someone put a spell over you so that you forget all that you have gone through is a good thing.  Her husband cheated on her, she didnít see a brutal murder or kill anyone.  I think the story would have been better played out and enjoyable if Jax and Emily worked through things and showed what a loving relationship would do, versus the one Emily had with Carl.  The passions and sex scenes were hot, but that alone was not enough for me to recommend Spell of Passion.


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