Speed Demon by RaeLynn Blue
Whispers Publishing
Fantasy, Multicultural, brief F/F
Reviewed by Sharon



Officer Quindelin (Quinn) Barnes loves to speed -- the thrill induces a natural high.  The ability to speed in her patrol car is probably the only perk she gets from her job as she trolls lonely Highway 9 in Los Lunas, New Mexico.  One night, her sense of justice and sense of adventure are both aroused as she spots a speed demon careening down her highway.  But once she flags the driver over and nears the car, her other senses are soon aroused as well.

Drannon was transformed to a demon over four thousand years ago and now he receives his one true pleasure from speeding.  But this choc-o-licious hunk, with dreadlocks and orange irises recognizes a similar need-for-speed in Quinn.    The question now is whether Quinn will take a chance on Drannon?

Speed Demon has an interesting premise and I think Quinn and Drannon have the potential to make a good couple.  But everything happened so quickly, I felt that some parts were missing.  For example, Ms. Blue does such a great job with foreplay that I was disappointed with the lack of attention for the actual deed.  The addition of the lust demon goddess, Evelyn, did nothing for me and I wish more care was taken with the editing and formatting. 


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