Soul Mates by Marilyn Lee
Soul Mates Series
Paranormal, Interracial
ISBN (13): 978-1-59596-709-1
Reviewed by Nellie


Carlee Vanleer, at a young age knew that in her past life she had loved Trey Bradauer. No matter who she fell in love with she never gave herself totally because there was always a sense of Trey hovering in the background. During a ten day vacation with her best friend she found Trey Bradauer, but he did not remember Carlee or their past life. Trey has no idea about the past Carlee keeps bringing up but is determined to make Carlee fall for him in the present lifetime. Trey has a battle ahead because he is fighting with the ghost of his past sin and Carlee wants to keep her heart intact from being broken again in the present lifetime.

Soul Mates was so engrossing that I was disappointed when it was cut off in the middle; hence, to find the conclusion of this book you have to get Part 2. I was swept away because of her description of events that culminated to the two main characters eventually meeting each other, and it was explosive. It was a very hot and steamy book. Despite the disappointment of waiting for Part 2,I have become a fan of this author and cannot wait to read any of her stuff.


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