So I Married a Vampire by Elisa Adams
Naughty Nuptials
Elloraís Cave
Paranormal Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-41991-142-2
Reviewed by Hunter



When Ethan enters Janeís life again, she is shocked. But she soon realizes this means they have a second chance to make things work this time around. Itís not long until theyíre engaged, and shortly after that, itís their wedding night. But when Ethan requests to see Jane right before the ceremony and shares his secret, Jane isnít sure how theyíll be able to stay together.

Ethanís has never been so scared to tell someone something. But he knows that he has to share this with Jane. He doesnít have a choice. Her reaction isnít the greatest he could have received but, after some heavy thought, he knows just what he can do to prove to Jane how much he loves her. All he needs is his best friend to help him show her just how much heís willing to do for her.

So I Married a Vampire was hot, hot, hot! Did I say it was hot? Iím a sucker for m/m/f books, and this one didnít disappoint, as some do. Once I discovered the motivation of Ethanís best friend, Cameron, I knew it was going to get good, and I was glad I was right! The book was predictable, but since it was as steamy as it was, I didnít care. I was too interested in the bedroom activities of Jane, Ethan, and Cameron to care that I knew what was going to happen in the end. Be sure to have a fan and a glass of water near you when you read this one!


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